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Tantric Energetic Massage

We can consider Tantric Energetic Massage as a portal for connection and surrender, your body is like a temple, experiencing energy and sensations never felt before. Tantric Energetic Massage is an experience of acceptance and self-confidence, which aims to redistribute the sexual energies in a way that our body deserves.

Sexual energy is the only energy in the world capable of generating another life, so when it is worked on in a correct and professional way, we achieve an alignment of spiritual and sexual energy in one single orgasmic and energetic field (body) where we as evolutionary human beings through this alignment will be able to deal with pain, fears, insecurities, frustrations and disconnections.

Unlike a traditional massage, we intend to take you to an altered state of body awareness, in tantric sensory massage, we use a very spiritual, affective and liberating approach. The intention of exercising the senses of the body is to promote and activate new synapses of pleasure between mind and body, where who is in control of all sensations is the body and not the mind, so we will deconstruct limiting beliefs and taboos that were imposed on us since childhood in a negative way.

In the first session you can feel a great difference in sensation of freedom and well-being, this massage aims to completely relax the client’s mind while prolonging the waves of body pleasure.

Among the various benefits acquired in the regularity of the practice, is the aid , significant in curing sexual dysfunctions (premature ejaculation, sexual impotence, lack of libido, insecurity and a fuller life. Massage nourishes the body and calms the mind, bringing healing and immense pleasure to life.





The Goal of The Gold Hand Therapy is to make the world exponentially better by expanding consciousness. Expanding consciousness is nothing more than freeing yourself from beliefs, exploring your full potential and leaving your comfort zone. It is the awareness of yourself and everything around you, involving the alignment of physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual aspects through the elevation of perception and consciousness.

The spiritual development that leads to the expansion of the conscience does not need to be linked to a religion, it is only a behavioral philosophy, it is a life style that seeks the liberation of the sexual energy for the awakening of a more pleasurable life, fuller and in harmony.

This true path of self-knowledge uses various techniques and practices so that each human being can reach their deepest and truest potential, thus making them capable of releasing and expanding their energy.

The capacity for self-knowledge is essential for a healthy sex life, but from an early age, we learn that to reach orgasm we need to exercise the brain stimuli, this is known as congenital orgasm, in which we need to fantasize situations so that our brain releases substances that give us the sensation of happiness and pleasure.

Through Tantric Energetic Massage, we will help you disconnect from the brain stimuli and connect the sexual energy in your body, so that the orgasm will no longer be fantasized inside the brain, but felt by every part of your body, as a vibrational wave, making the feeling of pleasure and the quality of orgasm more effective and lasting, the brain will no longer be the centre of your pleasure, thus treating different sexual problems caused by your psychological.

Through massage, we will nourish the body and calm the mind, breaking limiting beliefs and oppressed taboos, bringing deep relaxation and immense pleasure for life, making that in each session, you can become more conscious of yourself.

The basis of our work is based on techniques that work with the human being as a whole. Because we work with energy and individuality each session is unique and totally personalized according to your interests and needs

#Hygiene Safer treatments

Is it safe to have an appointment?

We are delighted to be able to provide you with the best treatments whether in our The Gold Hand space or in your hotel room or home.

We have consolidated advice from the Government and the World Health Organization to develop a list of safety precautions to ensure that we take every opportunity to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

What safety measures will therapists take? Your therapist will confirm before your appointment that you do not have any symptoms of COVID-19

If you prefer, our employees can wear face coverings during the entire reservation.

If you opt for outcall service, indicate the space assigned to your therapist where you can leave any personal items, including shoes and bags.

Is there anyone who can’t make a reservation?
We advise anyone at increased risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 to refrain from making a reservation.

If you, or any member of your household, develop symptoms after seeing a therapist, please let us know so they can self-isolate and stop making reservations.

Our material is disposable and for private use such as slippers and underwear if you prefer.
Towels, Linens, Bathrobes will all be sterilized and checked.

If you notice you will see that in the corner of each towel there is a number and a color, this indicates when it was washed and changed.

The use of gloves used in some techniques is for the safety of the client and the therapist, we are just careful so that you have the best experience with all the necessary safety.

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